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Astrophoto: Jupiter, 2022-10-01

After endless struggling with my QHY, I decided to shoot Jupiter with my EOS.

I was really happy that i finally got a picture of Jupiter after endless tries to get my QHY running. After ending the session I realized that i recorded only in 1280×720 instead of using full HD.

It took me some time this evening to find the focus point of this image train. VISAC – Televue PowerMate – EOS M100

Finally i found the focus point of this image train.

Technical overview

Focal Length4500mm
Aperture ratio22.5
Erecting Lense2,5x Televue Powermate
MountSkywatcher HEQ-5
Mount ControlINDI
CameraCANON EOS M100(a)
Movie resolution1280×720
Methodfocal projection
Camera angle-90°
Camera Control
Photography Date30.09.2022
Exposure-Time Lights60% out of 83.000 Frames
SensitivityISO 400 and ISO 1600
Post Processing Date30.09.2022
Stacking, IntegrationPIPP, AutoStackert
Post Processing SoftwareRegistax
Image EditingAffinity Photo
Capture PlaceKoblenz, Germany
LightpollutionBortle 5
Scattered lightstrong

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