Open Cluster

Beehive Cluster – Messier 44

M44, the Beehive Cluster, is an open cluster in the constellation Cancer. M44 is the second brightest cluster in the Messier Catalog. Only the Pleiades are brighter. The really beautiful part is the combination of yellow and blue stars.

Object Names

The open cluster “Beehive Cluster” (M44, NGC 2632 or Cr 189) is part of the Milkyway and is about 577 lightyears away. The open cluster consists of about 350 stars.

Messier 44 Beehive Cluster

Messier 44 Beehive Cluster, apparent dimension

The open Cluster M44 got an apparent dimension of about 95 arc-minutes. This makes the cluster nearly double as big as the full Moon. The real expanse is about 22,8 lightyears in diameter.

Messier 44 Beehive Cluster, apparent dimension

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