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My first dithering and bye bye Canon Banding!

As a beginner in astrophotography there comes the day, when you stuble on dithering. And it is worth using it.

My first time!

My first dithering: Since I am using beginner equipment, i use the nice, cheap but under windows unsupported CANON EOS M100.

On this screenshot you can see my first time ever using this method!

My first dithering - EKOS-graph
My very first dithering! 🙂

CANON Banding

Most CANON DSLR or Mirrorless Cameras got problems with CANON Banding. There are nice tools in PixInsight and other software, but it is better to avoid them and not fight them.

Using an ISO not too low helps. Using 800 or 1600 ISO is a good starting point when planning a clear sky nicht.


Here one of the old pictures with banding NOISE:

My first dithering - without dither
Noise from top to bottom.

And now, a 30 minutes first technical test with dithering:

My first dithering - with dither
Technical test with 10x180s exposure and almost no post-processing. And with a beautiful even grey background!

Dark Frames

From this day on I stopped making dark frames. This gives more time to collect photons and with dithering, they are simply not needed to get good results.

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